Is horror a genre beyond redemption?

Or, as The Guardian puts it, damned to literary hell?

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  2. trollatemysupper answered: That I have no opinion on this genre inspite of my ‘literary interests’ might mean something…
  3. r4tatoskr answered: Lovecraft, Poe, the existential horror of Camus etc.
  4. fwoine answered: yes
  5. variegatedpoise answered: It would be hard to best H.P. Lovecraft or Stephen King but there’s a possibility.
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  7. booksandghosts answered: Not with Joe Hill and others still putting out amazing horror
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  9. smokewet answered: literary horror is a slow burn - it’s terror. We’re too used to movies, visual horror that comes fast
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    Or, as The Guardian puts it, damned to literary hell?
  12. ungulatewar answered: The Road is a zombie story without zombies. Beloved is a ghost story. Pretty sure something like The Sheltering Sky suffices as psych-horror
  13. bluelette answered: I agree with ur response; there is too much darkness in out culture currently which could be articulated through horror literature.
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  16. baroquespiral said: (but these people should also (on a much lighter note) read David Wong)
  17. baroquespiral answered: Oh good Mark Z. Danielewski is mentioned in this thing
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    Roberto Bolaño? Horror? Some short story? Which one?
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  20. dolcestilnovo answered: In the public eye, yes. Even if someone writes a horror piece with literary merit it will not be taken seriously.
  21. reblogofyuccaflats answered: You just have to think outside the box a little. House of Leaves is a relatively new addition to the genre but was a grand success.
  22. jrodneykarr answered: Horror is a genre that, when well done, is an unrelenting analysis of various states of oppression.
  23. ghostofthewind answered: No some are well written stories other are rubbish like anything.
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    Horror will always be the dirty-faced, problematic, unnervingly sexual, bastard step-child genre. Oh, we love it (some...
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  28. bexesyearofbooks answered: I sincerely hope not.
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