I’m the one who corrects the blurredbodies, those grown uneven,out of focus with  loneliness. or if matesoverlap—here a Noah’s pair, there a hoax of incoherentparts taught life. if you prefer  some peculiarblemish to attracther love, I’ll make a blue  kiss next in the hairyarmpit, or trace a little  cupid like summer love’s lastfly alighting  on a nipple, transposerudely done initials  where a heart shouldbe. I can copy on your ownbody whoever you really  want: on your front her backtwo-dimensional.her sex arranged around yours—  you can put your pants on overall four legs. no one willknow when you lean  against her in the sub–way, or at night submit  both of you to carefulpleasure. in the mirror you’ll relish  the outline of herbuttocks on youas you move but never  see her face tattooed facedown on yours.—Dennis Schmitz, “Tattoo Artist”Art Credit Blommers & Schumm’s Hector magazine portraits via It’s Nice That

I’m the one who corrects the blurred
bodies, those grown uneven,
out of focus with
  loneliness. or if mates
overlap—here a Noah’s
 pair, there a hoax of incoherent

parts taught life. if you prefer
  some peculiar
blemish to attract
her love, I’ll make a blue
  kiss next in the hairy

armpit, or trace a little
  cupid like summer love’s last
fly alighting
  on a nipple, transpose

rudely done initials
  where a heart should
be. I can copy on your own
body whoever you really
  want: on your front her back

her sex arranged around yours—
  you can put your pants on over
all four legs. no one will
know when you lean
  against her in the sub–

way, or at night submit
  both of you to careful
pleasure. in the mirror you’ll relish
  the outline of her
buttocks on you
as you move but never
  see her face tattooed face

down on yours.

Dennis Schmitz, “Tattoo Artist”
Art Credit Blommers & Schumm’s Hector magazine portraits via It’s Nice That

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